Frequently Asked Questions

  • Warning of the ovaries,
  • Ovary collection,
  • Fertilization of ovaries with sperm (microinjection),
  • It consists of the stages of transplantation of fertilized eggs (embryo transfer).

Microinjection becomes more important if sperm count is low. Microinjection is routinely performed in our clinic. In cases where there is no sperm in the semen, sperm should be surgically searched in the testicle.

Eggs are collected under general anesthesia by vaginal ultrasound. It's not a painful procedure.

-Myomas affect the chances of pregnancy if they put pressure on the inner layer of the uterus, that is, where the baby will develop. Myomas that have grown out of the uterine wall do not affect the chances of pregnancy unless they are too large. Clogging the tubes makes the formation of pregnancy impossible.

Usually, sometime after the procedure, he can go home and even return to work in the afternoon on the same day.

Warning of the ovaries for in vitro fertilization purposes will not reduce the reserve.

For fertilization of eggs, they need to be mature and structurally normal. Not every egg is available for fertilization. Not every fertilized egg becomes a healthy embryo.

It is placed in the uterus accompanied by ultrasound with a thin special catheter from the cervix. It's not a painful procedure.

After the transfer, the remaining quality embryos can be stored by freezing. If she's pregnant, she'll be in the second world. For the child, it can be used for subsequent in vitro fertilization trials if it cannot stay.

We recommend 1- 3 days rest. The benefit of rest is not shown according to research. It can return 1-3 days after transfer to normal activities other than sex life and sports.

We do not recommend a relationship until the day of the pregnancy test, but this is not a proven application.

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