Letters of Joy

  • I've been married for 19 years.  I've had three miscarries. Now that I had lost all faith, after 10 years, with the support of my wife, we came to Mr. Necip. Thank God I'm pregnant right now. We're very happy. We would like to thank our doctor Necip and his team.

Hi, today we had what we might call a miracle. There are no hospitals and IVF centers that we have not visited in Istanbul to have a baby for 5 years. However, we experienced this miracle in Mersin IVF center in a city that is completely different and far away from us. First to my Lord and then to my doctor, Necip, thank you endlessly. I would like to thank this beautiful team who has given us eternal confidence from the moment we first came. I will pray that all those who yearn for this joy will live as we have. Trust our doctor, may my Lord give this feeling to all those who want it...

Hi, first of all, I and my wife would like to thank all the hospital staff. We've been married for about 8 years, we've tried different treatment methods, there's no hospital center we haven't been to, but we haven't succeeded. We last applied to Mersin IVF Center and started treatment immediately. A month later, my wife got pregnant. May Almighty God give this feeling to all those who want it. First of all, we would like to thank Mr. Necip, our respected doctor, and all the working friends for their interest. We wish them continued success.

With the best news we've received in five years, our hopes have been revived. Thank my Lord a thousand times for the good news. God bless my Necip teacher, who was the occasion at first, a thousand times. And of course, I can't without telling our friendly nurses. They led us to think positively with their amazing interest... We've looked into it a lot, we've been very ambivalent, but in the end, we're glad we came. It's a good thing we didn't follow all the treatment and go anywhere else. In all honesty, I believe that not everyone who comes without hesitation will regret it. Believing is half of what you achieve, and I hope you will succeed first. God bless all those who have been helped. Ms. Merve, Miss Gulçin, I also thank Mrs. Yasemin they answered their calls even in the middle of the night without being bored.

Hello. I've been married for eight years. We didn't have kids willingly for the first two years. But from the moment we thought we were ready, we never thought what we were going to experience would be so exhausting and long. For 6 years we had 1 stage 2 in-vitro fertilization trial that failed elsewhere. We were so tired of these trials that we started to give up hope and decided to quit. That's when we heard the name of this clinic. We decided to try it by saying that we have nothing to lose because we live in Mersin. It's a good thing we made that decision. We would like to thank Mr. Necip and the Mersin IVF Center team for turning our despair into hope and sadness into joy. My only suggestion to anyone who reads this article is that as long as we live, there is and should always be hope. Never give up hope. Just believe Mr. Necip.

I'm a good-bye; My Lord, who has given us the sunrise and the moon set at night, has given us our angels. From the moment I stepped into the in vitro fertilization center I looked at as I passed in the distance, I first trusted my Lord, then Mr. Necip and his team, and I loved it. It wasn't a hospital for me, it was my home where I ran with my kids in a garden among the colorful flowers. My Lord will return the reward of good deeds sooner or later. Now I dream of fairy tales I'm going to read to my kids while I sleep. Everyone is a prince and princess at Mersin IVF Center. Endless thanks, love, respect to everyone in this beautiful life story...

Hi, I'm Aysel. I've been married 10 years, trying for years to get a baby back. I wanted to have a piece of my wife's bread and salt... As a result of what I heard from around here, I came to The Private Mersin IVF Center and heard that it gave very good results.  When I got here, I met positive people. What made me most happy was that Mr. Necip, the doctor, called me and my wife the baby's parents. This promise gave me hope that ended inside me... I'm incredibly happy with a treatment that ended well. We got our baby back. God bless Mr. Necip and all the other staff friends. They re-festooned my home. I'm indescribably happy. That feeling doesn't make sense. My flowers would come up. Tears of joy poured out of my eyes. I would like to thank my doctor at the hospital and all my other nurse friends... They've been so kind to us. Thank you, Mr. Necip, CAN YOU ...

The first day I got here, I wondered if I was going to write my happiness in this notebook. I've always had hope. Even though I had very weak eggs, I never gave up hope. Miracles start with believing. Trust, faith, love were the three things I was looking for my miracle, and praise is it. I found those 3 things at Mersin IVF Center. Now I'm facing my miracle... From A to Z, everyone here does their job with faith and love. So, I got the result in all its beauty, thank God.  We would like to thank the entire Mersin IVF Center team who were with us during this process, especially Mr. Necip. I'm glad you're here. Parents who read this article never give up hope. Because you are at the right address... With love...

My name is Sumera; My brother and I are the babies of this hospital. First of all, thank you very much to uncle doctor, nurse sisters. My mother got pregnant again.  And he's going to be our brother again. I'm looking forward to my brother. We're two brothers, mom, now I miss my pregnant sister so much and I love her, I'm waiting for her to come. I've been to this hospital.  My brothers were here. Thank you, everyone. We recommend this hospital to everyone.      My name is Mohammed;  I love my brother so much, I can't wait. Thank you very much to our doctor uncle and nurse sisters. My brother and I are the babies of this hospital. Now our brother's going to have it. I pray all the time.  I'm saying, God, I'm taking refuge with you. Don't let anything happen to my mother. Thank you so much, everyone. I'm so happy to see a picture of the baby.

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